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Thanks...but I am not always so positive (check out some of my previous posts!) :p

We have just started treatment with the RE at the end of March. I took Clomid and the RE gave me a trigger shot of HCg last month. It was kind of a let down because I ovulated two eggs last month...I am getting kinda worried. There has been some discussionn about IUI, but I am not sure if we are there yet. DH still has to get his SA done...then we will go from there.

Are you doing IUI?
Hey...sorry, it's been a little while since my last post. YES! AF SHOWED HER UGLY FACE :mad: UGH! We were kind of let was our first month of actual treatments and I guess we were hoping for a miracle. Though, I guess some good things happened last cyle.

1. I responded VERY well to the medications I am taking (Clomid and HCG Trigger shot). Ovulating two eggs is a good start, huh?

2. My cycle was 28 days on the nose and I haven't had a regular cycle in a while. My last few have been really long and prior to that they were really short.

So, I suppose we should be celebrating the small battles we have won, eh?

Oh is CD10 of my new cycle...all done taking Clomid for this month. Still really tired though! I am scheduled for my HSG on Wednesday. We will see what the doc says then. :confused:

DH is supposed to be getting his SA done this week, too...hope he gets it done soon cause our "baby dancin" time is rapidly approachin'. I hope that all works out well with him! All of this is making him really uncomfortable. He is pretty shy and doesn't really like talking abut sex with me...let alone some doctor. I feel really bad for him....he is being such a trooper.

I guess I am just worried about all of this stuff. I keep praying and trying to remain strong and positive. It is just SO HARD!
Hi Rebecca,
Just wanted to give you a little hope. My DH and I also wanted to give the "natural" way a try. I also was on clomid and the HCG trigger shot. The first cycle failed, but I got AF when I was supposed to. Dr. said that was a good sign, becuase it probably meant that I ovulated (just missed the right timing :)). So, the very next month we did round 2, and so far it has worked! I was so disappointed after the first month didn't work. My DH has a positive outlook and I tried to keep my mind off of everything for the second month and it seemed to work.

Keep thinking positive and I am wishing you luck on this next cycle!!!!

lots of baby dust to you...


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