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Carisa -
Do you have male factor infertility? I am having a hard time understanding why they wouldn't put you on Clomid - I've never heard that reason before.

I am currently seeing a specialist that is monitoring me with NO drugs - we are not doing IUI, but I am being monitored to see what my body does on it's own - even after ovulation. I think it's a great test, because then you know if you actually ovulate, if you have good hormone levels throughout your cycle and everything WITHOUT the use of drugs. Don't get me wrong, I am not against using drugs, I have been through 4 cycles of IUI using different drugs, but I think it's very useful to know what your body does NATURALLY on it's own. So far, I am on day 14 and I have only one follicle developing (which is normal) and it's a little over 18, which is the size they look for when you do IUI with drugs. I am anxious to see the follicle rupture as no doctor has ever done ultrasounds to see the follicle rupture and beyond. I am also getting blood tests every other day to check hormone levels thoughout the normal cycle.

Anyway, didn't mean to go on about myself there - just wanted to let you know that they can monitor you with no drugs - it's no different than with clomid except there's only one follicle to follow.

Also, I have endometriosis and it sounds to me like it might be a good idea for you to be checked with a lap. One of my main problems was pain with intercourse - I have another lap sceduled for July (my second one this year) with a specialist who actually looks in the tubes and places where other docs do not check for endo. I have also had a HSG in which they found my tubes were not blocked, but this specialist says there can still be endo in the tubes inhibiting the egg from being fertilized. I have heard many stories of people getting pregnant after having endo removed during a lap - although it has not yet worked for me, I still have hope!

Again, my apologies for going on about myself again. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find great support here!

Baby Dust to all...
CHJH-You are right, that would be scary if I had too many eggs! No thanks! I guess I just worry that my chances are really low with only one egg, and even lower without being monitored to see exactly when the IUI needs to be done. It's so frustrating. I think my doctor said about 10-15% after about four tries. I can't believe all the stress that we all go through, it's crazy! Thanks for responding.

RAVAEMARIE-There is no male factor infertility. He's been checked. I do really want to see a specialist, I guess I need to start doing a little research to find a good one in my area. What your dr. is doing with you sounds interesting. I would like to know exactly what my body is doing each month. Something must be wrong for me to be having pain during intercourse and infertility. I am terribly afraid to have a lap done. What was yours like? I'm most afraid of having that tube down your throat! LOL It just sounds so terrible. I think I just need to get over that fear and do it. I've also heard many stories of women getting pregnant after their lap. I had an hsg done and one tube was clear, the other he thought was probably spasming. That was so painful for me. It's also really painful when I ovulate for about 12 hours. Sorry for the rambling.


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