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jennypoo - First I want to wish you the best of luck with your IUI!!! I am not sure of the percentage, either - but I do know that they say if you are not pregnant after 3 or 4 times it probably isn't going to work - they can change your dosages or medication and that might improve chances - I am not sure on that. I am thinking my doctor told me that my chances were like 10-12% with IUI - but normal chances of getting pregnant with everything being optimal for pregnancy is only 20% - which seems impossible to me with everyone around me being pregnant - but that is what I have heard from so many professional people.

Anyway - I don't want to scare you about the IUI but since the other 2 told you that they had no pain in their experiences, I thought I should prepare you IN CASE it should happen to you - I had very severe pain with 2 of my IUI's - I am not sure if he scraped my cervix or what happened, but I had severe pain and bleeding after my IUI. This did not happen with all of my IUI's - but it did happen. So - just FYI so you are not totally suprised if you do have some pain. Each person is different and it's so hard to predict how it will feel for you. In all honesty - you do get so excited that it's happening and the chance that you might get pregnant from this experience makes it all worth it!!!!

Best of luck and lots of baby dust and prayers coming your way!!

My doctor told me that she has a 10% success rate over four tries with IUI patients. So 10% of people end up pregnant after 4 tries.
We're dealing with male factor so we opted to go for IVF with ICSI, which has about a 56% success rate in my age group (no obvious female factor issues).
I don't know about you but I'm all about statistics. I'd ask you doctor your chances before you write a cheque. IUI can be helpful, but with some male factor issues it doesn't matter how close you put the sperm to the egg, they're just not going to be able to get in.
I wish you lots and lots of luck. It just feels good to be doing SOMETHING about your fertility, doesn't it? Not knowing what's wrong or what your options are is such a hopeless feeling.

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