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I finished BCPs yesterday and went in for baseline today. Everything looks good ;) and I go back in on Wed. and will start follistim that day. AaaaaHhhh!!:eek: I can't believe that's in 2 days! It seems so surreal that I'm doing it again.:jester: I do feel much more relaxed though and pretty excited this time! :blob_fire :blob_fire

Good luck everyone!!
Okay my actual start date of the Lupron is August 19th and both my dh and I are supposed to start the z pak to. I am so jazzed I want this month to fly by. I stop taking BCP on the 26th which is my 6th year wedding anniversary. Then we find out if we are PG like 2 days before dh Birthday in September so this will be kind of a cool cycle. I am going to enjoy every minute of it:bouncing: .You ladies are all correct this is our chance to have a baby, kinda stinks that it has to be this way but hey I am over joyed for the opportunity. So KM I know your transfer was today how are you feeling? And does your DR recommend bed rest for at least 2 day? Asprou.....when do you start follistim? Cubed by the looks of it your a few days ahead of me but thats okay we will still be able to experience most of the same stuff. Have a beautiful day!
hey waiting, ur 6 yr wedding anniversary is the 26th and if me and dh still counted "dating anniversaries" the 26th is out 6th yr dating anniversary... ;) i dont really know dates, they just kinda tell me when the time comes to start... when i get a "lupron" period on day 3 i go for u/s then i will be told sometime after that if im ready to stim.. and i dont have follistim, i have gonal-f and repronex... ?? how long after u started lupron did u get a period, i was told 8-14 days... aug 19th will be here in no time ;) krissi, how are u feeling today, havent seen u on the boards, im praying for ya!!! stick stick stick :D :D :D :angel: :angel:
yes actually according to my calendar I would start the follistim on September 2 and continue till 9/11 and the pregnyl injection would either take place that same day or the next day and then the ER happens the next day after that shot. Are you also taking 1 tablet of baby aspirin a day? And you aren't taking Follistim you are taking Gonal-F right? So sounds to me like you are on the right track!:blob_fire :blob_fire
Follistim with Repronex...but yea it is interesting you have to suck up this liquid and then put it into another vial with this spongy looking pill which is the Repronex and once the liquid touches it, it dissolves and then you inject that. I am surprised they didn't give you a calendar I would go nuts in anticipation if I didn't at least have a small idea of what came next. But it sounds like you are rollin just fine. :D
I just looked at my calendar and it said that I will begin follistim on the 2nd of September. So I am pretty excited I have my baseline u/s to see how the Lupron is going on the 29th. So far so good the Lupron is not doing anything to much yet. I think it was the follistim that effects me. You know whats funny is I am at a point in my life even from last year that I always swore I would never forget stuff but I have already forgotten a lot of stuff just from last year. I do remember something's but other stuff its like this is the first time. I do remember how much the ER hurt me and how hyperstimmulated I was last time and how my eggs didn't fertilize so hopefully those few thing that do stick in my mind will be changed with this cycle! Time does fly by doesn't it. Do either of you have up coming events that you talk to your husband about and you say well in November when that happens bla bla I will be pregnant? I am finding myself doing that a lot, like the friend that just found out she was pg is going to Vegas to get married November 3rd and I was telling my DH that I too would be pg. I always wonder though if I shouldn't put all those feeling into 1 basket because what if the outcome isn't what I long for? :wave:
Withinreach YEAA that is really crazy! How ironic is that? Well ladies I am happy to say that I will be continuing in the same path. They said there was no Estrogen in the follicle so we are still in the green! Now I must say I am happy I am following through with the cycle but I am a little reserved about the whole thing being that that follicle has been showing up on u/s the last 2 times and both times it was almost grounds for stopping the cycle. All I have to say is, it is in God hands. And remarkably I am kind of relaxed about the whole thing believe it or not. So Saturday I am starting the Follistim and Repronex.

Thank you girls so much for your support its funny the other day when I was getting my u/s I knew that there was a team of ladies praying for me. It really makes it a lot easier to know that we are not alone in this quest. asprousey and cubed you guys are awesome and very much appreciated. Miracle I am glad that you are right with us all its neat having all these women going through the same stuff. Initially we are creating the future!! Withinreach wow I am amazed how alike our cycles are. I am anxious to hear if your follicle was just sitten there idle as well. When do you start stimming? And are you going to take Gonal-f or follistim? Oh yea and I was on 20 units of Lupron and now I am on 5 units....I know I did that last time but did the rest of your get lowered like that as well? Oh and 1 more thing since I was hyper stimulated they changed my dose from 125 of follistim to 75 to start. So I am happy about that at least they are making different strides from last cycle. I hope that you guys are right about it working with an off beat cycle. I pray I pray I pray I want so much to hold my baby. Asprousey what going on with you by the way? Are you feelin PG I pray I pray I pray? Well girls have a relaxing evening.:wave:

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