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So I had my u/s and they said that I indeed ovulated and that I have an ovulatory cyst on my left side. She said it is pretty common when women ovulate. So in order to see if I am going to start Lupron will depend on my blood work that they did that checked my estrogen levels and my progesterone levels. They said if it comes back that I am going to ovulate again that depending on the levels they may be able to give an hcg shot and then continue with the Lupron and then I will just ovulate after I stop BCP on the 26th its all so crazy:dizzy: I guess I am just going to sit back and let it all work itself out. So I will update you on all that tomorrow. Now for my really sad news well sad for me that it. I was with my husband this afternoon doing some work after the u/s and my friend called that is single and just recently in a relationship as recent as 2 months. Make a long story short she has been single for a long time gained a lot of weight since high school and then went on the Adkins diet and lost quite a bit of wait I was proud of her. So with her new confidence she got a BF and was with him for 6 months or so that ended then she got this one and has been with him for about 2 like I said. So she called me today and told me she was pregnant:( :( :( :confused: . She took a hpt test like a week ago and it was negative and she seemed disappointed and I was like well why would you be disappointed don't you want to go through all the steps (not everyone does but I know she did want that) But she was like yea I do want that you are right. And then she took another hpt test today cause she said she just wasn't feeling right. And sure enough it was positive. I am happy for her it was obviously what she wanted this even though she acted like she didn't know what to think. But on the same note I am shattered inside that someone this close to me can have what I have dreamed about for so long in just seconds.:confused: I am so confused I don't know how to feel so I cried the whole way home and just felt drained you know. The part that would be kind of cool is if I did get pg with this IVF and we were pg together for a little while. Sorry that I am rambling but this really did hurt me and made me just feel broken hearted you know. As a friend I told her I was so happy for her but inside and just wanted to scream. I think I was upset because A I want a baby duh! But B because I think her self esteem is so low that in away she wanted to get pregnant to guarantee herself this relationship and she is so beautiful and didn't have to do that. I mean honestly how ready is someone to have a baby after knowing a guy for 2 months. fffffffwwwww its off my chest but boy o boy I am kind of frustrated with all of this. WHy can't we all have the joy of getting pregnant just by doing it. Instead I have to go broke, press my body to the limit and test my marriage. I got the the winning hand let me tell ya!

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