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Congrats KM!! Now you are leading a new pack of positives. Who's next Asprousey? did you start your Gonal-F? Cubed did you start the Lupron? I ran into a problem today I am on my second pack of BCP and I started my period? I have been cramping for like 3 days it was trying so hard to break through and before today was experiencing a little spotting so I called the clinic yesterday when all that was going on she said well it should be okay your body is just reacting to the hormones. But today full on period so I called back and she said my body still must have ovulated so before I start Lupron on the 19th I am going to have an u/s on the 17th to make sure my body isn't preparing to ovulate again. So on the u/s we should expect to see little follicles nothing big or that means that my body is trying to do it again. Last time I did IVF I didn't have this problem. I am a little nervous that this is going to mess up my cycle. Has anyone had anything like this? Or maybe even cramped while on the pill?
Asprous and Waiting -- Thanks for thinking of me -- Yes, Waiting -- You were right, the Lupron was not bad at all. The needle was tiny (thank goodness). Medication burned a little, but totally OK. So now, of course, I'm just really anxious about all of the rest of the meds. When it's time, I'll be taking Gonal F and Medapur to stim -- but I took Gonal F for the IUIs and for me it REALLY burned -- even though I iced the area for about 20 minutes before injection. So I'm concerned that now I'll be having 3 times the Gonal F that I had before. AND it's an IM shot. This is going to hurt!! Oh well, what can you do? Asprous, how did your stims go tonight? (I'll also be taking 225 iu of Gonal F). Does that stuff sting for you as well? Good luck with your US on Monday!!
Disti -- Welcome to the board!

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