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Hi there!:wave: Just wanted to share with you my experience. I was 23 when we TTC baby #1, after a year of trying I went back to my OB and they ran a series of tests including an HSG. My blood work all came back normal including the HSG, fallopean tubes were clear, no endometrosis, etc. My regular OB never tested my FSH levels because I was so young. (BIG MISTAKE on her part!) I knew nothing about infertility at that point and did not know what to ask... MY OB put me on a few rounds of clomid and I ended up with a blighted ovum... After that, I was so frustrated I gave up TTC.... I let precious years slip by and after about 7 years I decided to lose about 50 lbs (OB always nagged me to do that from the start) Anyway, I lost the 50 lbs and went to the reproductive endocrinologist she referred me to. I ended up going straight to injectibles/IUI because of how long I had been TTC. My RE put me on Repronex and I produced one follicle, I was devastated at that! After that IUI was unsucessful, we did about 2 more rounds of injectibles and IUI, which they all failed due to me not producing more that one follicle at a time. At that point we discussed doing the CCCT, clomid challenge test to see where my FSH numbers were. I couldn't believe it took everybody that long to test my FSH!!!:blob_fire I didn't know what FSH was !!!! MY numbers came back 11.4 which told them I have diminished ovarian reserve/bad egg quality. That result explained a lot!! I was put on one more round of 150mg of clomid per day as a hail mary, then if that failed I was going to do donor egg IVF. The clomid worked that time and I gave birth to a HEALTHY baby girl. I also got pregnant two more times, one with no meds (miscarried that pregnancy due to bad egg quality) I then my regular OB put me on clomid again to do the CCCT again to see where my FSH levels were and the day of my blood draw, I couldn't make it due having to go out of town, four weeks later I turned up pregnant!!! (currently 38 weeks pregnant with my second child). From my experience, I would tell you DO NOT GIVE UP DUE TO HIGHER FSH LEVELS!!! After all 10.4 is not that bad!! It might take you a bit longer to conceive, higher FSH is challenging but not impossible. Sorry my post is so long, I just wanted to share my experience with you:D :D Good luck to you!!! Have you discussed Clomid with your OB??

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