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Re: Laproscopy
Jul 5, 2006
I am also have a lap done to "investigate" why we haven't gotten pregnant again since my miscarriage. It is being done with a general anesthesia and from what I have heard about the discomfort after, you wouldn't want to be under just local. I wish you lots of luck with the surgery and please post after so I know how it went!
Re: Laproscopy
Jul 11, 2006
I'm glad the lap went well for you! I have mine on Friday the 14th and I hope mine goes as well as yours did! Although, I really hope they find something, since I have already done 4 IUI's and not gotten pregnant and I know I am ovulating each month - I'm hoping they find something that they can tell me COULD be keeping me from getting pregnant! I know that I have endometriosis, but after the last lap that I had, the doc told me that it was not keeping me from getting pregnant - I'm hoping this new specialist will look in places that the last doc did not look to find a "reason".

Anyway, glad to hear things went well for you. Like I said in my last post, the chest/shoulder pain is the worst pain I had from my last 3 laps, also. The pain meds really don't do anything to help that pain, you really weren't missing much by not taking anything. The only pain they really take care of is the incision and internal pain from any scraping or whatever they might do to your insides. I hope you are feeling better each day and the shoulder pain goes away soon!

Sending baby dust to all!!


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