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Keep the faith!!! Look at it this way. This is the best chance you have ever had. Everything thus far has gone better than predicted so you have beaten the odds on every turn...there is nothing that is in your hands at this point except for taking those pre-natals and progesterone and the most important part PRAY. You have done all you could right, so let God take it from here. I know it is so hard to put it in His hands, but I believe He is a good God not an old guy up there with a stick out to get you.So let us all help you believe and pray for your little miracle(s) With my ds (now 3) I had such a small chance of concieving it is astounding and going through this again I was reminded what a miracle he is and how much is still in God's hands. With him my IUI was canceled because I ovulated early and I thought there was no chance. I had no hope and had NO pregnancy symptoms. I did not even want to test, but did because I was about 4 days late and then the 2 lines BFP. My husband refused to talk about it or even break a smile until we got a bloodtest the next morning because it was so unbelievable. I guess what I am saying your chances look good and even for those of us it does not look so great there is still hope. Try to keep busy, plan something fun for every day and take it easy.
I am in my 2ww too, but it is easier for me as my IVF was canceled (that was my big dissapointment) and we did an IUI so I have kind of resolved that it will be a long shot.
Good luck and sending some peacefull vibes your way
Thanks, Karenn. How are you? I hope you're well. I am so scared about my test tomorrow. I have never wanted anything so badly in my life. I've been praying for a postive pregnancy test for about 20 cycles, but this is my first IVF cycle and the pressure is on! I don't have any pregnancy symptoms. I'm just kind of bloated and crampy due to progeterone (it's sending my digestive system haywire). My husband has asked me NOT to do a home test so I haven't (although I at tempted to do one tomorrow morning so I know before I actually go to the clinic). Anyway, I'll know by tomorrow afternoon at 2.
brocallie thats great that u were able to get pg!! i think the reason the dr tells u not to take a hpt is with ivf they are testing u pretty early and there are chances your hpt can give a false negative bc it is not as sensitive as a blood test, or a false positive or chemical pregnancy... luckily for u it worked out...

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