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Re: Iui
Jul 13, 2006
Oh Rose, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad! I do hope his bypass goes well and that he makes a full recovery. No wonder your stress levels are high! I've just had a month off and found it very relaxing. No pressure to conceive and no tablets or injections and drs appointments. It was lovely and I hope that you too might be relaxed after having a break. I'd love us to be IUI buddies - with Paula and Koula. I've found it so encouraging to know I'm not alone in this, we'll all get through it together!

Koula, thanks so much for sharing your IUI experience to date. It does sound like we have very similar circumstances. My DH is also very keen to move straight on to IVF but I really want to give IUI a good shot first. To be honest, I'm really apprehensive about IVF and would try any alternative first! I do hope that the combination of injections and IUI is just what you need and you'll get a BFP soon! Please keep us posted.

Paula - I've had very painful periods with nausea all my life but it wasn't until my dr discovered that I get pain during intercourse that I was referred to an Ob/Gyn. The next thing I knew I was having a lap and they'd found some endo and cleaned it out as best as possible. I also have some adhesions to my bladder so I occasionally get some pain when I go to the toilet. It's really hard to know if you have endo because everyone's symptoms are so different and the only way to know for sure is to have a lap. I now see a different Ob/Gyn and he is convinced that with my increasingly painful periods (I now need to take day1 off work) that my endo is definately back. Whilst having another lap to clean it out is an option, he is convinced that the endo won't affect my ability to conceive using IUI or IVF. For that reason, I am reserving another lap for 6 months or more down the track if nothing elso works in the meantime. It's so great that everything seems to be working for you with regards to ovulation! Maybe IUI is the answer you are looking for!


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