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:wave: My DH has also done deveral SAs and my RE says it's normal for them to go up and down. IVF with ICSI is not out of the question as I am now in my 3rd cycle, (2nd fresh). IUI was never even brought up as an option so I think it depends on the count if this is even a successful option.

There are a few things your DH can do but it takes a while for it to be in effect, (I think the sperm cycle is about 75 days from beginning to ejaculation). Vitamins are good but not always effective. My acupuncturist is now working with my DH and says that a low count is actually an easy thing to fix. So, we haven't seen a result yet from this, but I would recommend it, I guess it's worth a try!! Good luck!!!:angel:

PS Sometimes the labs aren't that good at testing SA and maybe you should go to an RE to have them analyze it. My DH got better, more conclusive results when he did that and was able to do it at the office. By the way, even if his count is very low, when doing IVF with ICSI they only need as many as they are going to fertilize and they will pick the best from what they see.:D

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