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:wave: Are you taking progesterone? That may delay your period. For both IVF#1 and my FET#1, I got BFNs but didn't get AF until after I stopped taking the PIO shots. There are women however that have gotten AF before blood test or shortly after before they stopped PIO, so everyone is different.

I totally understand your willingness to wait but know that the blood test will give you a definite yes or no. An hpt may not. But maybe an hpt before the blood test will give you either a glimmer of hope or a preparation for a possible setback. I am totally [B][I][U]NOT[/U][/I][/B] recommending the hpt :nono: as they are [U]not[/U] reliable especially early on, however, I want to give you my experience.

I caved in during my first IVF, wanting to at least prepare myself, so I POAS the day before my blood test. (They say you should wait at least 10 days post transfer to allow enough time to get hcg trigger shot out of your system.) It was a BFN and I was, of course, crushed. I also got several posts on this board to not loose hope, that it could still be positive. I was also told true stories of women who took a hpt the day before and even the day of BETA day and got BFNs to only get a BFP with blood test, even when BETA was sometimes high enough to be detected by a home pregnancy test. :jester: That's why hpts are evil, unreliable, crazy inventions!! But, it did at least prepare me, because the very next day I got my BFN. But the day before when I got my BFN on the hpt, I was at work and didn't allow myself to get that upset, and thought about all the positive things to be grateful about and already nearly moved on by the next day.

Anyway, that was long winded and probably not the answer you were looking for. On the positive side, I have heard of women getting BFPs with hpts, and following it up with a BFP for the blood test too. I think that just happened to a woman on this board, can't remember who.:p So, test if you want to test, don't if you can't bear to bring yourself there, but know that if you are taking progesterone, AF may not come and if it does, it may not come on time since your body has been through so much, so you may be delaying the inevitable. At this point, you either are or you're not, prolonging the test will not change that. Hopefully, you are and all this worrying will be over soon.:blob_fire I wish you all the best!!!:blob_fire Good luck and keep us posted!!:angel: :D

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