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Hi Jen!

What an exciting time!! I'm due to have my first IUI next Tues so I can't offer any advice on what to expect, just know that we're here for you.

Hope you get a BFP soon!

Thanks ladies!!

Yes, now it's the looooong 2ww:rolleyes: It is such a hard wait too!! My doc said "call us in 2 weeks and 2 days". So, I have to wait for 16 days before I can call them, even if I get a BFP because they have probably had people call with chem preg. and want to make sure I don't start af. I miscarried in March after seeing my baby's heartbeat 2x and so I'm gonna be a freak this time around! I'm having to find a new place to live and I just got a new job last month so there are a lot of changes going on. Just trying to not stress as much as possible and breathe deep!

I'm glad we have each other to talk to, men are great, but they just don't get the whole thing!

P.S... I wanted to ask ~A~, when I had my IUI, doc knew the 2 big eggs were on the left side so he "aimed" the catheter to the left and when he gave me the u/s after it, there they all were, this white mass of spermies all swimming around on the left. Was that unusual for him to do??
Hiya Jen :wave:

I am SO excited for you!!! How awesome that you got to see the little spermies swimming around your egg :) It really sounds magical :angel: Here's praying for a very fast 2WW and a BFP at the end :D :D

Hey girls, just wanting to wish you all lots of luck.

Im currently on the ivf waiting list and so hoping to have my bfp soon.

Good luck to you all and Jen - keep us posted, my fingers and toes are crossed for you :)

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