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My totally cost was $11,064.00 because we had to do ICSI. Then there will be an extra cost of $869 to freeze any left over. The injections and medicines were not included and that added to $3,214.00. My medicine insurance paid almost all of my injections, I only had to pay $220 of those 3,214.00. My PPO insurance only covered 55% of the $11,064.00 and $869 because i went out of network. If I would had done "in network", they would had paid 80%. I decided to go out of network because I have heard so much about this fertility office and I rather pay more when I am confident they are good Drs.

Now, I just had my egg retrieval last Friday. My transfer is on Wednesday. We'll see if it works. I hope my pregnancy test comes +

I don't know what kind of insurance you have, but most of them cover now days. Mine covers for indefinite AI and only 2 IVF.

BTW, can some one tell me what is:

When I read your posts I can't quite figure it out. I imagine BFP is a + pregnacy test and BFN is a - ??


P.S. oh I forgot to tell you, the $$ can increase more. It would depend on what kind of infertility problems you are facing. I have heard of people in my clinic that have paid up to $25 K and $6 K in medicines.

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