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So my story...
My hubby and I are both 31 and have been ttc about a year now. I originally got off the BCP though about 18 months ago...and right away my periods were irregular. At first I attributed it to just having gotten off the pill after like 13 years on the pill, but month after month, I'd have A LOT of brown spotting/discharge for about 6-8 days prior to my actual period. Anyway, around the time my dh and I first started trying, I went to my obgyn for my yearly pap, and she said with my irreg. periods, that I should come back to see her in 3 months if I wasn't pregnant. No pregnancy, so started with the blood testing, HSG, etc., tried Clomid, now I'm seeing an RE. DH's sperm count and motility mostly ok (although the side to side movement is a little slow). But he thinks I have a hormone issue with estrogen and progesterone, causing a thin uterine lining and brown spotting, and that this is the main cause of the problem. So this month I'm having an IUI with the help of Clomid, estrogen tablets and HCG trigger shot. IUI probably in about 2 weeks or so...wish me luck!!

This board is great because I find it's easier to talk to people who are going through the same types of things. It's sort of hard to talk to other people about infertility because they either say the wrong thing inadvertantly, or become uncomfortable! Even my own husband is a worthless ear sometimes, haha! And it's so encouraging to see all the BFP's lately too!!:)

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