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Microdose lupron ?
Aug 7, 2006
Hi there! Getting ready to start bcp next week and my stimulation protocol is different with this cycle (I've done two other fresh ivfs). I was somewhat of a poor responder to the stims so now I'll be on the "microdose lulpron flare" protocol. I'll also be using Gonal F and Repronex.

Has anyone had improvement in their response by using this protocol? Quality/quantity? Just wanting to hear your experiences. Did it effect your endometrium, too? Good/bad? Thanks so much!
I don't think I've used microdose lupron (not sure what that is...), but as far as I understand, lupron is just the drug that prevents ovulation and doesn't have anything to do with stimulating follicle growth. For stim meds, I did do the Gonal F/ Repronex combo. I started w/ 225IU Gonal F + 1cc Repronex for two days, then went to 150IU Gonal F + 1cc Repronex and it worked for me! I don't have anything to compare it with, though, b/c I got a BFP on my first IVF cycle. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me!! :) :D

btw, what stims were you using on your other two fresh cycles?
I actually got pg with both other cycles, 1 mc, and I have a son who is a year now.

I have always used Gonal F and Repronex; with this cycle will be using a lot more (the hope is to have some embies to freeze). The micro dose lupron is essentially a watered down lupron (less medication) and my re is using it with me bc they think I was too suppressed in my previous cycles. I'm just nervous about getting a large quantity of poor quality eggs. It really does only take one....that's how I got my son. We almost cancelled that cycle due to poor response, but I wanted to go for it....during er we actually got more eggs than could be seen on u/s.

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