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Hi! Today is the first time I have ever been on a message board, so I am very new to this. I have been trying to conceive for about a year and a half. I was diagnosed with endo in 2/02 through laparoscopy. I was then put on continuous BC for the next three years. May 05 I went off the pill and didn't have a period for three months. They gave me provera and then started me on clomid and the ovidrel shot. I then had the dye test to check my tubes, I think that is the HSG, and did three more cycles of clomid and ovidrel before I was sent to a specialist in 1/06. I did one more cycle of clomid with him and another laparoscopy. I took the summer off for a mental break and just started with the follistim shots a little over a week ago. Just so you know what is ahead for you...

I had to have an internal sonogram the first day I started my period 8/4. I started 75 units of follistim from 8/5-8/10. I went in for another sonogram on 8/11 but my lining wasn't as thick as they wanted to see it and my follicles were not mature enough to trigger ovulation, so they sent me home for more shots. I had 75 more units of follistim 8/11-8/13. Today, 8/14 I went in for another sonogram and I had two follicles at a good size and my lining was a bit thicker. They gave me one more shot of follistim and I will do the ovidrel shot tomorrow and then the baby dance. Scheduled for pregnancy test on the 29th.

In one months time, I had three sonograms and ten days of shots, plus the ovidrel shot, and a blood test. My doctor's recommend sub-cutaneous not intramuscular. I have had the follistim in my upper leg, belly, and back of arm. The ovidrel has usually been in the stomach. The shots really don't hurt and I haven't had any side effects. Like someone else said, it is really a mental strain at this point, not a physical strain. The doctors have determined that I must be anovulatory. I guess I don't ovulate on my own. Maybe it is due to endo, maybe not.

My regular pharmacist priced the follistim for hundreds of dollars more than the mail-in pharmacy, so I obviously chose the mail-in pharmacy which I had never used before. I paid $390 for 650 IU follistim and $65 for the ovidrel. My sonograms are paid for by insurance so far, but those are usually around $400 a piece. My husband and I were taught how to administer the shots in a short 5 minute session with the doctor after one of my appointments. I felt like that was really enough, but the medication comes with very clear instructions. If your meds are not paid for, I highly recommend calling a main-in pharmacy. They will send the meds directly to your house and they need to be refrigerated. I used [ [COLOR=Sienna][I]REMOVED[/I][/COLOR] ]. I called and compared prices before I decided who to go through. I hope this helps! Good luck!

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