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How can I say I'm glad I'm not alone ~ when I feel terrible for anyone to go through what we go through on a DAILY basis?!! Although I can say it does feel better knowing I am not the only person who has these cruelest tricks played on them. So sorry to hear about your late AF. I can say I know EXACTLY how that feels. In July after my IUI, I was pretty hopeful and my AF day came (and since my last M/C I have been REGULAR every 30 days FIRST THING in the AM for the first time in my 35 yr old life!!!) there was no AF!!! No it waited until 10PM after ALL day of being excited esp. since I was getting many pg symptoms a few days before AF. I told DH I must've sold my soul to the devil w/o knowing it bc God couldn't be that cruel!!! I stand corrected! This month I got to be 2 days late! :confused: :mad: It was even WORSE!!! On 6dpo I started with the cramps and SEVERE backache that lead right up to AF along with largely engorged sore bbs, heartburn, naseau, exhaustion, hot flashes (see where I'm going?!). Sorry I know - happy thoughts, but I hope you know you are not the only target of the cruelest of tricks. As far as you never getting pg and wishing that you could I don't know how that feels I have 3 angel babies :angel: I actually delivered my son at 25 wks (he was still born :mad: ) I have always felt the opposite, I know that may sound SUPER CRAZY but I have been at this 14 years. After getting pregnant twice it was VERY hard to finally quit ttc, you always have that feeling 'it happened before it HAS to happen again' but never the less I finally gave in~ (talk about an emotional time) Poof a year later I am pg with #3 who I lovingly refer to as Goldfish bc that is what my little niece named the baby (Hey her first 2 choices were [B]Window[/B] & [B]Chair[/B]!!!!!:dizzy:) Then X-Mas 2004 I miscarried my goldfish :( Now I am back at this ttc again and wondering how will I EVER get the strength to quit again??? As I've said SEVERAL times in my life: "Really GOD~ I am NOT that strong !! Baby Dust to U!!!

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