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I got a BFP w/IVF and as of my 2nd beta (8/2), I was instructed to stick w/ PIO shots for 10 more weeks. I'm also on progesterone suppositories for the same period. I've heard the main difference b/t shots & pills is that the shots are more effective... but it's definitely worth checking out if the shots are bothering you!

As for the side effects you mention, I haven't had any. One suggestion that might help with the bumps/welts, and possibly the bruising, is to gently massage the area of the injection immediately after the shot (either yourself, or have dh do it). My DH usually massages that area for 1-2 full minutes after the shot. That helps diffuse the thick liquid into the muscle so it doesn't build up in one spot. Also make sure to swab w/alcohol wipe not only before but after the shot as well.

It's amazing what we'll go through for this, isn't it?? :p It will all be worth it in the end...:)
(She was joking, but) our wonderful nurse not only suggested the spot messaging immediately after the shot, but also a full back message, and my lovley dh took her seriously! So, I'm enjoying the message part, especially since I get so tense knowing the shot's so uncomfy... I just can't wait until we can lose the shot at the start of it!
My RE had me only on suppositories after the IVF because I had OV'ed, but with the FET, we needed to replace both progesterone and estrogen in the best possible ways, because I hadn't OV'ed and there was no corpus luteum (sp?) to make them. She said that pills and suppositories are more supplemental, while shots are more replacement... So if I BFP, (Lord willing, I will) I will have to stay on shots until the placenta could do the job without ovary help. Does that sound like what your nurse has to say?
BTW--how many days 'till your BETA? It's soon, now, isn't it?

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