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Ok, I hope you guys can explain this.

I got a call from my nurse and she says that my [COLOR="Red"]HCG[/COLOR] came at [B]1,278[/B] and doing good.

[COLOR="Blue"]ER:[/COLOR] 8/4
[COLOR="blue"]ET:[/COLOR] 8/9
[COLOR="blue"]BFP:[/COLOR] 8/18 (Last Friday) [COLOR="Red"]HCG[/COLOR] at [B]395[/B].
[COLOR="blue"]BFP:[/COLOR] 8/21 (today Monday) [COLOR="Red"]HCG[/COLOR] at [B]1,278[/B].

So at 48 hours later or 3 days later I am at [B]1,278[/B].
I asked her what was my [COLOR="Red"]DPO[/COLOR] day and she couldn't answer that question. She said she didn't know what that means.

However, she said:
[COLOR="Red"]1.[/COLOR] I am 4 weeks pregnant
[COLOR="red"]2.[/COLOR] Due day is 4/28/07 (My yorkie's b-day is on 4/29. She will be 3!!)
[COLOR="red"]3.[/COLOR] No more blood work and one last sonogram on 9/8 and I will be released to my regular OB.
[COLOR="red"]4.[/COLOR] They still suspect that they are twins due to high numbers, [COLOR="Red"][I][U]but not sure[/U][/I][/COLOR].

Now, My question is, by the data I have given you above, do you guys know what [COLOR="red"]DPO[/COLOR] day was my past [B]395[/B] and what is my [COLOR="red"]DPO[/COLOR] day for today at [B]1,278[/B]?

I don't' understand the 4 weeks pregnancy!!! Do you guys understand?

You know, I am starting to think that they counted after ovulation (DPO -Day After Ovulation), but I don't know when I started ovulation. I know my cycle with all the shots started on [COLOR="Red"]7/21[/COLOR]. This is confusing.

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