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You know, it is funny, when I talk about the baby, I don't know if to say "[I]the baby[/I]" or "[I]the babies[/I]". I tent to say "[I]the babies[/I]" or my "[I]little scrunch muffins[/I]"... I guess when I go to the u/s i will want to refer to [I]he/she [/I]if it is only one ... mmmhhhh DH and I are devating about names, he does not like my choices and I don't like his :mad:.

Krissi, are you showing already? You know, I think I am showing already. My hyper stimulated ovaries seemed to have gone down already and I usually don't have belly, but now it shows a little bump. At four weeks, 110 pounds, and being my first one, I think it is too early to be showing.

Any of you showing already?

I wonder if the Dr will be able to say if I am still ovary stimulated.

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