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here is my input, I had a [I]Laporoscopy[/I] done and they found out I had [I] endometriosis[/I]. I was surprised because I didn't have any symptoms. Only that the day before of my period my legs would hurt (no biggy, i thought it was normal). Well, at the end I was also having pain during sex. I found that very odd.

I was treated with [I]Lupron[/I] for 4 months (where they stop your period). Much better. I still have the slightly leg pain before my period but i don't have the sex pain anymore (well, maybe every now and then i do, but it is not really something to be concerned). DH and I have found positions that would help :D.

That Dr then did 4 [I]IUI[/I] which failed. Changed Drs and I went to a better Reproductory specialist. He then did a [I]hysterosalpingogram (HSG), [/I]an x-ray of the uterus and fallopian tubes and they find out my fallopian tubes were totally plugged due to the [I]endometriosis.[/I] We started [I]IVF[/I] right after.

The surgery is not bad. You should not be scared. I think my ER hurt more after word. The scission in the belly button is so small that you can't hardly see it. I think if you want to get pregnant and you do have [I]endometriosis[/I], you need to move fast and not postpone it.

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