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Hey Kim,
The IUI doesn't hurt at all. It's really pretty anti-climatic -- the procedure itself only lasts about 5 minutes. Basically they'll use a speculum to open you up and then they'll put a catheter through your cervix to your uterus and shoot your DH's sperm up in there. Then they'll probably tell you to lie still for a few minutes (my clinic did 5 mins but I've heard of some doing as much at 30). Before doing the IUI, they'll go over the stats for your DH's sperm.

The Ovidrel is your trigger shot. What that means is that once your RE determines that your follicle(s) have reached the right size, your RE will instruct you to do your trigger (and sounds like they may even do it there). Basically this shot will trigger your ovulation (the releasing of your egg or eggs). Your RE may instruct you and DH to babydance the evening of the trigger (or maybe not) and you'll also get an appointment for your IUI procedure. For me, we did BD on evening of trigger and then came in for IUI 2 days after the trigger.

You should be up and walking right after the IUI procedure (well, actually, after your lying down period). The only side effects I'm aware of are possible cramping, but you should be allowed to take something over the counter if you have cramps. (Out of 3 IUIs I only had cramping once). From the day of your IUI procedure, your 2 ww begins. You'll have a beta 13 or 14 days from the date of your IUI.

Good luck!!! :D

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