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Hi there!

I am sorry to hear about your m/c. I know that had to have been very difficult. I think it is great that you are still trying. This whole process is very time consuming and emotionally draining. I did two rounds of femara (similar to clomid) with IUI which were both unsuccessful. I then moved onto injections (follistim) with IUI. We were successful the first time with that and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. My opinion is to go to the injections. I moved on to injections after 2 months and my dr. usually does 3. The great thing about injections is that they make more "targets" for the sperm. I also liked being on the injections much better than the femara...I didn't have as many side effects witht the injections. I am the type that wanted to move ahead to IVF immediately though. I am very impatient and didn't want to waste precious time with other treatments. Luckily we didn't have to do IVF due to the cost of the treatment. I would do what you feel most comfortable doing. Starting the injections is very scary and we will all be here for you when you decide to do it. Talk to you dh and make the decision that is best for you. I was very hesitant when i started the injections but I am soo happy that I did it.

Good luck whatever you decide on! Baby dust

Thanks for all your very knowledgable advice. I will be starting the injectables tonight!

My husband and I were planning to go to europe for 3 weeks in early/mid Sept. Since I'm starting the injectables tonight, I wonder if it's ok to travel right after the IUI. I'd have to wait 3 weeks instead of 2 to find out if I'm pregnant but I guess I could bring along a HPT.

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