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well just went through my firsat ivf and this was my protocol---

( i wasnt on it, but most women are) bcp then lupron, once u get a lupron period u/s 3days later then u start stims.. for example with gonal f (or follistim) then the re might have u then start stimming with repronex, u will have an u/s about every other day at this point, then about 10 days after stimming ncg trigger then 36 hrs later u will have an egg retrieval, and then start progesterone in oil injections.. (they def hurt the hiney the most) then 3-5 days later an embryo transfer, and then the dreadful 2 ww... now of course every clinic is different, but i think this is a good example of ivf protocol.. some drs will use diff meds, or add things like baby aspirin and i was on some kind of prednison for about 4 days (suppose to help with implantation) all i really know as it is more "aggressive then iui" but the success rate is def higher bc what they put back is already fertilized.. anyway gooood luck to ya :D :D :D

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