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Hi Aimee --
Thanks for asking about me! I'm still here -- I just haven't been posting much bc I've been in a holding pattern with these BCPs and somewhat distracted (thankfully!) with the other goings on in my life and all of the new tv programming that's out! :) It's sad, but true, that I am addicted to trash TV. ;) Anyhow, I go in for a monitoring appt on 10/13 and if everything looks good I'll start stimming on 10/16. I've got a new protocol this time -- no lupron bc I was oversuppressed last go around. If I can make it through the protocol this time, ER/ET will be at the end of this month. I will keep you up to date on how it goes -- I've been saying my prayers and keeping my fingers crossed. :angel:
I am glad to hear that you're all set with a new IVF plan! :D This is the one that's going to work, OK? ;) I want to hear lots of good news for your and X-mas -- we need to hold your RE to his promise ...
All these BFPs lately are certainly encouraging -- it's been so nice to hear all our friends who we've been talking to for so long getting preggers!! :angel:

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