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Thanks Koukla and Pennie for your positive thoughts. I actually had a really bad night a couple nights ago, because I just KNEW I wasn't pregnant. I kept telling myself to be positive, but I just felt like nothing was working. Plus, I'm a little worried I might have cysts or something on my right ovary (it still hurts now and then, and has since CD 10--guess I'll find out this coming cycle, hope all is well). I really hope this is my month! I go tomorrow to get the demo on how to do the shots. Our insurance doesn't cover injectables, so I'm afraid to see the bill...but at lease our insurance covers IUI (not IVF though).
Yes, and Pennie, I did tell the nurse this am when I was at the office for the blood draw to tell the doc I didn't want to do clomid anymore!! I'm done with it. There are many things I like about it, esp. the first couple months I was on it, but my body's just had it with that drug I think. I'm hoping the injectables will thicken my uterine lining like it did for you!! Your numbers are fabulous!!! This is definitely your month! :blob_fire :blob_fire

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