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New to board, so please bear with me- I have been trying to conceive for 15 mo to no avail. Tried Clomid because of irregularity of ovulation, ovulated fine with meds (Pros 23.65) but had a very bad hyperstimulation of ovaries (over 30 cysts ranging from small to 8cm), that was in April. Then in June I started spotting about 10 days after ovulation, I thought it was implantation bleeding maybe, but then a week later Flo arrives. Then a week later Flo leaves, but spotting remains. This has occurred for the past 3 months. I have been spotting for 3 of the 4 weeks in a month. I can tell the differences between regular menses and just spotting, but still haven't received any explanation for the spotting. Went to reg. OB/GYN on Aug 21 just to talk about my concerns of the spotting, he suggested we do the laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to see what's going on. He thinks a polyps maybe?? So I scheduled surgery for Sept.14. Upon my husband finding out about the outcome, he wanted me to have a 2nd opinion so I then contact the RE/ infertility specialist to get a 2nd opinion. We visited him on Aug 31 and he too agreed with the 1st dr. He said that would be his next step, to see what's going on (polyps, scar tissue, endometriosis, etc.) But he also said that depending on what he finds, and the stage of his findings, the success of conceiving after the surgery would be close to 20%. So then we talked about going ahead with in-vitro. He said that if we did the in-vitro, the success rate would be closer to 60%. Which sounds much better than 20%, but he also said that they wouldn't do anything with the spotting which is the "initial problem". Yes, ultimately I would like to get pregnant, and in-vitro may make that happen, but I am also concerned with the spotting. I would rather not ignore the fact that it is occurring. Has anyone out there expereinced anything similar to this. If the dr. can tell me the spotting isn't dangerous to my health and will not turn cancerous or anything else, then I would be fine with going ahead with IVF, but they haven't done anything to satisfy that concern of mine. Can they do a MRI or something less evasive than surgery to diagnosis my problem. I am open to the IVF if that is what I need to do but ultimately I would like to what is going on with my body. I am about to worry myself sick, any guidance would be appreicated!:confused:

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