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Re: IUI success?
Sep 11, 2006
I say definetely have a lab before you spend the money and time on a iui. There are some problems that an hsg can't detect. My doctor told me that we would not consider doing an iui with out a lap first. They can physically see any scar tissue and / or adhesions and also check to see if your tubes are open. If your tubes aren't open then iui will not work because the sperm has to travel up the tube to meet the egg. I felt a whole lot more confortable knowing that everything had been done to see any problems before we spent the time and money on iui. My lab showed know signs of anything that would cause infertility and also confirmed that my tubes were open, if the doc had found some problems that he felt could have been keeping the sperm from meeting the egg then I would have been able to move on to a more productive treatment like ivf that would have bypassed what might have been causing my infertility. Are you seeing a RE or a regular gyno? I personally think that an re is a better choice if you are going on to iui. Our re told us that our clinic has an pregnancy rate of 38% (per cycle)using iui! In comparison he told us that the pregnancy rate for normal fertile couples ttc naturally is 18%!! You should find out what your clinic's percentages are and ask alot of questions!
Good Luck.

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