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Re: A sign from god
Sep 17, 2006
Maybe God "does" do things for a reason. I signed up here a couple days ago because of a different reason and realized that there was in infertility section so i thought i would go on it to check. I had read one and said wow I have been here but I cant post a reply and tell my story because it had to do with God and everyone is different and I dont want someone to get offended if I post and have them think why would "He" do for me and not them. So i was going to read one more then leave this section...well wouldnt you know it I read your post and It was about God......Funny things i'll tell ya. I will try to sum this up as much as possible because well it would be long BUT something is telling me to post my story for you I dont know why.

Married to 1st husband and had baby with no problems....
Divorced .
Remarried 2nd dh(dear husband) and tried to conceive for 3months thought something was wrong and tried to find outwhat.
Had the flu and 3months later felt weird and went to dr. and foudn out I have thyroid disease(Grave's Disease specificaly).
Went on meds and went into remission while on meds.
Was seeing an RE and I tried clomid and sex (nothing happen).
Next month tried clomid and IUi and got BFP.
Now just a little info , during this time I was talking to sister and soooo angry that God wouldnt give me a child when he had already given me one. I had only wanted to give my new husband what he wanted, so why the fuss? I was hurt and angry and felt as if It were all me and I was being punished for things I had done wehn i was young. My sister said it was God's way of teaching me patience which I have none of. I had always seemed to pray for patience but never wanted to actually just try being patient so sister said this was God's way of teaching you a life lesson. I thought this was a load of bull pooopy and thought nothing of it again. UNTIL i got that BFP, I thought wow what if she were right, I thanked God for what he had given me and didnt ask again for patience ever not for anything....

I was about 4months pregnant and went off of my medicine for thyroid because pregnancy was keeping me in remission and dr. didnt wnat my levels to go too high so as not to have a m/c. I stayed in remission the entire pregnancy and no problems.

Had baby in 2/2003 and nursed for a few months. Now I was told that I shoud start for #3 becuase it might take a while to get pg again and you never know. So we did when baby was 5months old . I did clomid and IUI and nothing happend and every time i thought omg what is wrong with me. I use to tell God I am so happy to have the two that i have but I want more to give my husband. My dh is a loving man and has always wanted kids and he loves to see the looks on their faces and the laughing that goes on is special to him. Well we took a month off and then tried again with gonalf and IUI. My sister warned me about God again and said he was testing me this time, I scoffed at her and said how? She said becuase he wants to see if you are gong to test before your time and be inpatient. I said no i wont I will only test on the day I go for Beta so i have a stick that say BFP how is that? She said that would be fine but not before hand. Sooooooooo I waited the 2ww, beta day came and I went and waited for dr. to call me and she didndt. I called sister and she said well you waited like you said you would just test now and I did and It was a BFP. I was crying, i thought it really was a test omg. Well dr. called the next day and said i was but didnt have all the tests back and wanted to wait till they ALL came back before calling me. I said ok and she said to see her in a few days.

I was still in remission with thyroid disease and had a fine pregnancy with no complicaoitns. Baby was born 8/2004 and was a fussy baby with colic and we had no clue what to do. We had ourselves a hand full and I told dh that this was it. I wouldnt be able to have anymore becuase this one had us up all night long evey night. Well she kept us up for months, not realizing htat we shoudl have let her cry at night when she got older becuase at that point she was just use to it and we had to break her ofthe habit. Well i had known someone from a differnt forum and they said they were pregnant and to pray for them. The baby she was carrying was said to be dead and she shoudl ahve a D&C and she said no. She had them do another u/s to find that there was a baby and well she went back and forth with complications and dr's telling her to abort to save her but she said no God will provide or take away if he needs to. Now during this time she was very early in pregnancy and I asked God to help her baby. I told God I was sorry for thinking of having more when there was this little baby struggling and this poor women who had two already being asked to make a disision that she didnt want to make. I told God it didnt matter if I ever got pregnant again as long as that baby stayed alive. I would just be happy giving my dh what i could.

well do you know shortly after that I found out i was pregnant on my own. I was so scrared and so happy at the same time. I told the women about me being pregnant and she said that it was God who thought I could handle more even with a 15month old still keeping me up. I never told that women anything about what my sister told me or anything about God. THat was so weird.

I spoke with pedicatrician about 15month old still up at night, she yelled at me and said to let her cry a coupld times and she would be fine. And ya know what she was fine and sleeps through anything now. That women i told you about went through alot more with bleeding and water leaking the entire pregnancy and dr's telling her that baby was gong to die the entire time. Well he is alive and healthy and she amazed those dr's and shocked everyone. That baby is about 3months old now, just a little older than my little one.

I just had my 4th and dh was sooooo happy and said that we are sooo blessed and he just loves hearing all the kids laughing and playing and the smiles he gets is sooo worth having more. He said it was door he didnt want to close and wants more in the future like about a year and half. During my 4th pregnancy I told God that I would leave it up to him from now on and not use any treatments ever again.

In between my 3rd and 4th child I did go out of remisison and had to go back on med's , once on med's i went back into remission then went off med's gradually and have been in remission on my own for over a year. I do blame alot of the problems I had with infertility on my thyroid disease. I am not bragging about how many kids I have , please dont take it that way. I was just drawn to telling you my story for some reason. I guess is was what you said about the women in the airport.

My youngest is just turing 8 weeks old and when she was about 3 weeks I had this strange feeling that God wanted me to have more kids. I just shrugged my shoulders of it. then about a week after that I got this feeling and I realized that not only was it more kids it would be twins next time. Call it strange I dont know call it wishfull thinking, i dont think i would wish for twins with an 11yr,3 1/2yr,2yr and 8 week old :) . But that was the feeling I did get it and I dont know why.

Things do happen for a reason and dont happen for a reason. That women waiting 14 years wow that was something....That gives me hope to everyone out there wanting children it really does. I wont say I understand it becuase i certainly dont. I do know that when i was going to click off of this and not respond something said "no stay and type" so i did and here it is for you. I wish you so much luck and I hope you get what you want. Gob Bless you believing in what that women said and posting it, it helps us all keep our faith and hopes. There is so much anger when you are trying so hard for a baby and not get it. But it's those little things that you smile at that help you along the way.

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