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Wow, as I've said before, I think my body just doesn't want to cooperate.:eek:

I developed an ovarian cyst after my last round of clomid (with IUI). So this cycle, originally my RE just wanted to wait it out and wait for the cyst to shrink. But it kept getting bigger, so he decided it would be better to have it rupture with an HCG trigger shot (which I did last month for ovulation prior to my IUI and no problems). So last Saturday night I did my trigger. My RE's office says it takes 36 hours from HCG trigger to ovulation...and about 40 hours later (Monday) I went to the bathroom and lots of blood, like a period. I was shocked, thought something was wrong. I called the RE's office and the nurse seemed confused and unsure what to tell me. Told me to call back today if still bleeding. Well I am, and it's like a period. I just had a period like 10 days ago!! So now I have to go in tomorrow for a progesterone test (and no U/S, which I don't know why no U/S). I'm just worried because I read someone else's post on either this website or another about a woman who had an ovarian cyst that ruptured causing her previously open follopian tube to scar shut!! And now I'm just nervous about that. I have enough problems already without another thing!! I don't understand why I'm bleeding, it's really weird. I can't seem to find any info on anyone else with this experience. Has anyone else here experienced that?? It's not light spotting either, it's full-on blood. I'm so frustrated. I don't know if this baby-thing is ever going to happen.
Has anyone else considered adoption? I've been thinking about it for sometime. I even considered it before TTC. I wonder if that's what I'm meant to do? Sometimes I wonder with all my health issues (I have other issues as well) that maybe I'm not meant to give birth. I don't know. What a rollercoaster.

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