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I am 3 dpiui and boobs are so sore!!! nothing else to report.

looks like you are ahead of pennie and I by about 5 days, good luck and please keep us posted.
Heyknack & Avantika- welcome to the wait ! :)

Pennie - I'm with you. I'm not suppose to test until 10/16 and it's been driviing me up the wall. I've not had any soreness but I didn't have that symptom when I was pg last year either. I wish that I would suddenly wake up feeling something to make me feel positive. Like you, I'm pretty blah today. I couldn't stand it and I tested this a.m. -- BFN. However, I'm hoping that being only 10 dpiui that I just don't have enought hcg built up yet to show on a simple hpt. I thought about buying one of those "5 days before" hpt but decided to just push through the next 4 days.

I didn't think this 2ww would be so difficult. It help knowing you ladies are out there with me.

Neither DH nor I have any children, that's another reason this is so important to me. Although I've not talked to DH, I think that, if it is negative, I will want to try one more cycle. I will be 43 in June and just feel that I have to draw the line before that. How I wish that woman could conceive longer years without difficulties.

Wishing everybody much success!
Ok so I'm now 8 dpiui and boy has this been a roller coaster for me. Thurs. night I had to rush to the hospital because of horrible cramping around the location of my left ovary. The Dr.'s sad it was a tubal infection. I called my RE the next day and he returned my call that night saying it isn't a tubal infection because I have no fever. he said one of my cysts probably burst. So I go in for blood and sono and everything looks ok. So now I still feel a little sore but not as worried. At the hospital, the Dr. told me I might be pregnant -- you don't say!! I had an IUI done and this is the conclusion you draw!! *sigh* -- They said the blood test showed an HCG level of 3. But isn't 5 and under a negative? The Dr. said yes but you are only 5 dpiui and you are already showing a level 3.

So here's my question... wouldn't that be from the Trigger shot? How many days does it take for the shot to be out of your system?

And not to make this entire post about me...
CONGRATULATIONS heathermoe!!! :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire :blob_fire

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