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Avantika -
You need to relax, you're stressing yourself out about hormone levels that your RE will monitor and address if/when necessary. You should speak to your RE about any concerns or the when's and why's of blood tests he orders. Other than that, relax and stay positive.

I am 12 pdiui and will not hpt until Monday. However, I have been on progesterone suppositories since the day after IUI as a precautionary because my levels were borderline last time. I do not remember what the #s were nor do I know what they were at IUI or now. I just trust my RE and his expertise (and say many prayers). As soon as I test positive, then I will have a battery of blood tests to check all that.

Please don't make yourself sick with worry, call your RE with your concerns so that he/she can calm them.
When are you scheduled to test (HPT)?

Pennie -
Haven't heard from you. Just wanted to see how you were holding up at weeks end. You test on Tuesday right? or is it Monday, like me? I hope you have a good weekend and it zips by for you. Wishing you a BFP come next week~!!!!

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