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Thanks for the warm welcome !
As I mentioned, this is my 1st exp. with the meds and iui. I've been very fortunate. One Fri. I took 25mg Femora, the next Fri. I had 2 mature follicles and 2 @ 11.5 so on Sat. I took the Hcg inj. & had iui Monday a.m. The Hcg wrecked me -- the next day, I felt like I'd been in a bar fight with about 10 people!! Every joint was stiff, headaches, nausea, everything (about 2 days) Of course, if all goes well, it was well worth the discomfort.

Other than a little bloated feeling from the progesteron and a little "twing" or 2 in the past few days, I've felt the same. Of course, just like the rest of you, I've looked everyday to see if there was some noticable sign of implantation. I have 6 days left that are going to feel like a month!:dizzy:

I so hope for a BFP next Monday followed closely by one for Pennie, Marie and everyone else in the 2ww.

Hi everyone. I too am now in the 2ww with you all! :D I just had my 2nd IUI today after trigger shot Monday night. My RE's office doesn't do U/S or bloodwork the day of the IUI but on Monday I had E2 levels of 900 and 6 large follicles (3 were 18mm, rest were 15, 14, 13mm I think...probably just 3-4 really ready to go). My uterine lining was 7.5 I think, which is the thickest I've ever been. I'm hoping it made it to the minimum of 8mm by today. I'm actually feeling very positive. I had nearly zero cramping for the IUI today (last time was moderate). I was so relaxed, I almost fell asleep while I was lying there for 15 minutes afterwards, lol. Plus I just happened to have the day off all day today so I was able to relax after I got home, very nice. Oh, another great DH's sperm count was so high, they actually had to [I]dilute[/I] his sample, LOL!! I've never heard of that, but I was happy about it.
Anyway, here's to BFP's for us all this cycle!! :)

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