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I just had to tell you all this really stupid thing I did last night...:dizzy:

First off, to preface my story...

I have chronic heartburn (acid reflux) that I take prescription medication for. I've had this for about 3 or 4 years, nothing new. Anyway, I take this medication in the morning and right before bed.

Ok, also, I have had a history of recurrent bladder infections, that occur always after sex if I don't take an antibiotic right after sex (Macrobid). Macrobid isn't just an antibiotic, they call it the urinary disinfectant. I also get random bladder infections for who-knows-what reason. I've had this problem for years, seen many urologists, tried every remedy under the sun, shower after sex, tried cranberry, tried vit. C, all kinds of herbs, etc...all that works is an antibiotic after sex.

I had an IUI 3 days ago, and I have been feeling really positive about it. And I have been telling my husband how I'm avoiding all these foods, chemicals, etc. (my RE's office recommends not drinking tap water because of chlorine, for example).

Anyway, so last night I'm getting ready for bed, and instead of my harmless heartburn medication, I accidently took my after-sex antibiotic (I was tired). And I know it's probably a stupid reaction, but I felt like I just killed all the possible embryos that might be growing in me! I have read on the internet (prior to all of this) that Macrobid can kill sperm in MEN who take it, so I did ask my RE about it, wondering if it would kill sperm in ME (or who knows what else) and he kind of brushed it off. And maybe it really is harmless, but I just kept picturing this toxic mucus in my uterus killing my embryos, and it's killing me that I made this mistake. I can't stand it!! Here I am avoiding TAP WATER, and I mistakenly take an antibiotic at the wrong time. We were purposely avoiding sex so I wouldn't have to take this antibiotic!!

I know you all can't really tell me it's okay, but I just had to vent. I'm trying REALLY, REALLY hard to stay positive, but it's so hard now, cuz I feel like I just screwed everything up. If it's not one thing, it's another with me. Ugh.

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