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Have you considered a referral to an RE? Especially with a luteal phase deficiency (which I have too), whether you'd been TTC a very short time or a long time, I think this warrants a specialist. My OB referred me right away, and I hadn't even been TTC 3 months. I start spotting 6-8 days prior to my period, and since I used to ovulate sort of late (days 17-19), I only had 3-7 days at most of non-bleeding for fertilization and implantation, which was pretty unlikely. You sound like you may be in a similar boat. Even if your OB is really good with fertility issues, I think an RE would be a good idea. The only problem is, it usually takes awhile to get in to see an RE for the first time (at least for mine)...I think it was a month or so.

As far as your current situation, I know it's hard to not be really concerned.
Is there any chance you ovulated later than usual, say due to stress or something? Last year, my DH and I went on a trip to Europe and it delayed my ovulation severely...I don't think I ovulated until like CD 35, so of course my total cycle was longer. Or perhaps you didn't ovulate at all this cycle?
Or did you do an HCG trigger? Because then you'd have a 95% chance you ovulated within 36 hours or so. Is your OB monitoring your follicle sizes with vaginal ultrasound? Or monitoring hormone levels? If not, maybe insist upon an RE referral, especially if you feel like you're getting the brush off from your OB. It's hard enough experiencing infertility, than to have to deal with that as well.
Good luck Hopeful, I'll be thinking of you.

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