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Re: HSG Results?
Nov 22, 2006
Hi Holly,

Just a tip, dont use FRERs! They leave false positives! I hate when that happens. Im on CD2 now. About your cycle, your lap was done before you ovulated right? If so, just to make sure, Id take a pregnancy test. Dont get your hopes up just incase, but being a week late with just a little spotting, thats pretty common in pregnancy, I speak from personal experience. That and the lap was to try to clear your tube, and you know they say you're more fertile after a lap. Theres still an opening in your tube, its very possible. But like the spotting AF I had after the HSG, it could be just that too, but you never know, miracles definitely happen! Just a thought though. :)

Thank you. Well, my grandpas really sick now. He cant keep anything down. But a nurse from the Hospice house, actually the same nurse who took care of my grandma in June, she came in and put in the two IVs in his stomach for the anti-nausea meds and pain killers. Hes has a few weeks left if he can take the pill for the swelling in his brain. If he cant, he has about a week left. :(

I know, I was actually really offended when she rescheduled. For a test that you're supposed to have the results for right after its done, this is sure taking a while. Over 2 months. Its rediculous in my opinion. Todays Wednesday, so I'll be calling later. Im going to give her a little time before I call, just in case. But I'll definitely let you know what the results are. I have some pretty bad pain in my left tube again. Its effecting my hip and my lower back on the left side this time. I think that tube might be the problem.

Yes it does figure. :rolleyes: I can honestly say that I hate money. lol Christmas is coming so quickly and we barely have any presents for anyone. Then again, Christmas hasnt been our main concern right now either. But you're right, its always around the holidays, it never fails. And to top it off, my aunts birthdays on the 26th, my sisters is on the 22nd of December and my nephew turns 3 on January 7th. I hope a "Happy birthday" and "Merry Christmas" will be good enough. As long as I can get things for the kids, it'll be fine. Its the kids that need the presents. My hubby is going to dress up as Santa again this year hopefully. If hes feeling up to it.
I hope your financial situation improves fast. I dont know about you, but I hate not being able to get everyone at least something small. Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Im with you, I wont give up either. Its too hard to give up on something so precious. Know what I mean? Can I ask you a question about having a blocked tube? Im not sure if you know, but would it case pain in your ovary too, not only the tube? For years, my left ovary has gone numb, it tingles. When AF gets here, my tube and ovary hurt really bad. I get it once in a while in my right side, but never a cycle with out the left side pain.

Well, I hope you're doing okay, both health wise and financially. Keep your chin up girl!


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