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Re: HSG Results?
Oct 27, 2006
Hi Holly,

I'm so happy to be talking to you! Ive talked to people about it before, but never someone as far along as I am, or you are. Its nice, thank you.
Unfortunately, I didnt take anything before I went in. I before I found out about my uterus infection, I was talking 4 Advil every hour or so just to dull the pain enough so I could walk. It was horrible. My AF cramps have started getting worse again and Ive been having to up the dose of Advil again. I thought the HSG couldnt hurt more then those cramps. It didnt, but it did hurt like the worst cramps Ive had. I'll prepare myself next time, thats for sure.

I have been through a lot, many blood tests too. I remember the first blood test, they took 12 tubes of blood, I couldnt even sit up! It is, isnt it? Id rather go through anything Ive gone through for fertility then the HSG. Im glad I wasnt nervous about the procedure though, I think that wouldve made it worse. Im not very fond of anisthetic at all. When I was young, Id wake up and vomit right away, now Im just hysterical. :rolleyes: Wow, you're strong! I wouldve so angry that my dr didnt tell me I only had one tube. But then again, Im pretty opinionated. I agree, men are so lucky. I keep telling my hubby hes going to be female in his next life. lol
I actually havent gotten AF yet. Yesterday I was leaking that brown stuff, and today its still the same, but a little heavier. No AF yet though, I think it could be from the Alesse birth control pills though.

You're right 27 is still young, still a great age to TTC. I hope you wont have to go through that though. I hope everything with your lap will go as planned. 3.5 years is a long time. I guess even after 3 months TTC can seem like an eternity though. My DH and I have been TTC for 6 years come January. Hard to believe. We started very early though, probably before we shouldve, but we were mature enough and were working etc. We started TTC when I was 15, I'm 21 now. Even though we shouldnt have started that young, Im glad we did, glad we found out about the problems early.
At first, I had no problem getting pregnant, my problem was keeping the baby. Ive had a number of miscarriages. The last one actually caused some mental issues. Ive had 6 or 7 confirmed miscarriages, that doesnt include the faint positive HPTs Ive had at home, which is 3 or 4. However for those, I was told when cysts leak, it can cause faint positive tests, so Im not sure about that, I have had my cysts rupture.

Bowel prep? I didnt have that done, what is it? Im sure everything will go perfectly for you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. :) November 8th, that is coming pretty fast. I'll be watching for an update from you.

$14,000? :eek: I personally find it ridiculous how they can charge so much. Especially for people with infertility. I could understand charging that for someone who hasnt been trying and just wants it done, but after all the stress of infertility and all the tests that go along with it, they then add financial stress. It upsets me.

Oh really? I didnt know that. That gives me a little more hope, thank you. Yes, do post your results. Praying for perfect results for you! I will definitely update at the end of November. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of this and give me some info on it. You've definitely given me some hope. Take care of yourself!

Re: HSG Results?
Nov 2, 2006

Send me some of that warm weather! It's about 23F ((-8C)) here right now. Of course its only about 7 AM. It hasnt been above 0 for a while now. Halloween actually bothered me this year. Partly because my grandma wasnt here and partly because we didnt get any trick or treaters! Thats my favorite part, seeing all the little costumes. Maybe next year I guess.
I live in a town of about 100,000 people. To be honest with you, Ive never heard of an RE here, which is probably why my ob/gyns office is so busy, hes one of the best in town. I want to keep my ob/gyn, I just wish hed get a new receptionist! My ob/gyn takes really good care of me actually. He aims to help me acheive my goals...pregnancy with a happy ending. It was slower at first because I was getting pregnant, the cause of my miscarriages was never firgured out. Everything was normal except that uterus infection.

It was a relief to stop spotting, but then again, I was happy all I got for AF was spotting. AF is usually horrible for me, a lot of pain and big clots most of the time. Im actually still cramping. It feels like AF is coming sometimes, its weird. I called my family drs office, I talked to Shannon and asked about the results of my HSG. She said she had the results of my hormone levels, not the HSG results. How can that be? An x-ray is so much faster then blood work, she told me I needed to talk to my ob/gyn about it, so Im assuming bad news. My hormone levels are all good except my prolactin level, which is slightly elevated. Thats a pretty regular thing with me. If we dont BD for a couple days, it goes back to around normal.

Its completely different in a mans mind. I mean, yes, they want to have a baby, but they dont really understand when it comes to actually trying to get pregnant and being healthy. Its isnt even just for that, its for him, he'll be healthier in the long run. I hope he tries a bit harder, good luck talking to him! If you do a google search for "quit smoking" you'll find a lot of helpful sites that might help a little too.

It is. I dont understand how someone can put their children in that type of situation at all. This guy was even fallowing my half sister to school and sending her letters. If someone hurts her, well they'll be getting a reality check to say the least.

Try not to get nervous, it doesnt help at all. There will be no complications, it'll go as planned. I hope it works for you. Try to stay positive. And make sure you post your results! I cant wait to see you come back and say you're clear! Positive vibes coming your way! You know, if your tube does clear, Ive heard the first 3 months up to a year after a lap, your fertility increases. Not sure if its true, but its definitely worth thinking it is!

Good luck!
Re: HSG Results?
Nov 27, 2006
Hi Alicia :wave:

I hope Thanksgiving was good to you! His family just moved back into the area (after living 1500 miles away for 2 1/2 years), so we had a great time doing all the visiting and eating :D . It's over way too soon though, and now we're back to work.

That stinks that you got a false positive. This whole TTC process is one roller coaster ride after another. I was hoping you got lucky and didn't need to worry about your appt anymore. I don't think that I'm pregnant...not sure if the lap was done before or after ovulation, but I know I was too sore to do anything for several days. The spotting came way too soon after BDing to mean anything. It would be great though. I think if I ever do get pregnant, I won't even know how to feel. It would be such a shock...a welcome one, but still a shock.

Still no AF for me either. My f/u appt with my RE is this Wednesday morning, so I wonder if he will be able to shed some light on that for me. This is definitely a first. My cycles are always so regular.

I wish I could answer your question, but I never had any kind of pain like that. The only pains I experienced were caused by cysts or endometriosis. I've never heard of a blocked tube causing pain in the ovaries, but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't possible. Have you gotten the pain since they cleared up your infection? I would think that could cause it, but not if you're still getting the pain. That's a tough one. Did you ask your dr about it? Why are our bodies so confusing?!

I hope you get some answers soon so you can get closer to your goal. :angel: My thoughts will be with you and your grandpa. I'm sorry to hear he is suffering so much.


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