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My friend had 3 miscarriages and after all three they still tried for a little over a year and nothing happened. She never got pregnant after that. The doctors encouraged her to start IUI or IVF and she also went on Clomid. She decided she did not want to go through IVF or IUI and did want to have to take clomid anymore because she was getting pg in the past. She decided to see Dr. Lee. She started charting her temps and they were all over the place. After changing her diet and keeping her feet warm her temps started to be consistant. Dr. Lee told her if your temps are all over the place you will not get pg. It's amazing that after she did what he told her to her temps were great. Dr. Lee wanted her to get a HSG to be sure their was no blockage, it came back good and 5 mos. later she got pg.

About IUI and IVF I am not an expert. I have not tried either one. My DH and I have been trying for 18 mos. with no luck. I have an HSG scheduled in a couple of weeks. I believe I have endo. I have very painful periods.

My other friend had an IUI with no luck and then had her first IVF and got pg with twins. She wishes she never did the IUI and went straight to IVF. I believe IUIs are more successful when it is disgnosed that it is the male who has the problem.

Well I hope your sister is able to get pg. My friend is really thankful she went to Dr. Lee. I think I will also be visiting him soon. Acupuncture seems to work.:)

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