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Re: Newbie Here
Nov 2, 2006
[QUOTE=icare2]SGH-Oh my Gosh! I cannot believe it! I have had almost the EXACT same problems that you have! I had a HUGE uterine septate, too! I mc because of it, had a D & C. Then, started seeing a RE. Since then, I had a laparoscopy & hysteroscopy. (after many US's and a HSG) During the lap/hyst I had the uterine septate ressected and multiple cysts and stage IV endometriosis removed. I got pregnant again this past May, but mc very early. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS with my main issue my Progesterone being too low to keep a pregnancy. I just finished my first cylce of Clomid, and received my first "trigger" injected of Novarel (hcg hormone, 10,000 units) on Monday. We are TTC naturally, so we'll see what happens. As far as my moods, I was pretty bad before because my hormones are so off, so I have never felt better! (except for pelvic pain which I think is from the meds making my follies grow) My ultrasound Monday showed 3 large follies, so let's pray something great happens! I just can't believe how much we have in common! Baby dust to everyone!:angel:[/QUOTE]

I also had the lap/hyst, it was not too bad. The worst part was the bowel prep, YUCK. It is very uplifting to see that you have been able to get pregnant, that definately gives me hope. My DH and I are TTC naturally as well, I really don't want to have to try IUI, as it is way more expensive that the old-fashioned way if you get my drift ;) . I will be praying for you!!!! When will you know if it worked?

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