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I hate to be the bearer of funky news but it takes approx. 7 days for a fertilized egg to get to the uterus for imbedding. So, you wouldn't have any symptoms or hcg (naturally) in your system to take a hpt this early. Even with all the meds we take, we basically have only been "chaparoned" by the doctors and our bodies still have to go through the natural 14 day course between O and AF.

From what I've read & been told, depending on the units of your HCG/trigger shot (either 5,000 or 10,000) it stays in your system for approx. 7 - 10 days. So, if you take a HPT too early, you will get a false positive if that's still in your system. Also, if you take it to early, and you are pg, you might still test neg because your body hasn't started producing enough hcg for the test to pick up. Thus, the miserably long 2 ww.

I'm not sure about the cramping. I've experienced little "twangs" and "tings" around the area of my ovaries but I think that's just them "calming down" after all the stimulation. Fortunately, no cramping so I can't help with that.

This was my 2nd - and my last IUI (test 11/12). I'm very grateful that I'm not going through this wait by myself and that there are wonderful and supportive ladies, like each of you, out there with me - that is what makes this so much easier for me.

About surfing the internet. I did that the last time for a few days and never really found any information that I hadn't been told or read on these boards. Most was just about the whys and hows of the procedure. I decided that was making me crazy so I stopped. These boards are my only IUI / Internet connection.

I'm praying we all get BFP this cycle !!! Baby Dust to All.

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