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I had a total of 7 IUI's before we finally hit success. With all of them my RE told me that I could resume normal activities after we had the initial rest period in the office. I chose to take the day off and rest, then return to work the next day. Since I am in healthcare, I work 3-12 hour shifts per week, so I pretty much knew about the time that I would have the IUI. I would just schedule my week to give me a 3 or 4 day stretch off. If it happened to fall on a day that I did have to work, I am fortunate enough to have a boss who was very flexible and would reschedule my day, as well as a group of coworkers who would swap a shift. I feel like it is important to go home and rest, as well as BD. The last IUI (which worked), I found out that my grandmother was actively dying (she was out of town). This was 1 hour prior to the procedure. We decided to go home and rest the remainder of the day, then travelled the next to see her. She died a few days later, and during that time I did not think of fertility issues much. She rubbed my belly on her death bed. We found out a couple of days after we returned home from the funeral that we were pg. It was very bittersweet, but she has watched me and protected me from day one. Sorry to blabber on, I still get emotional when I think of her and the fact that I never got to see her interact with my son.

I Just had my 2nd IUI and i took the rest of the day off as well. My Dr. Had me lay there for 15 minutes also. My First IUI i had no Cramping at all. But this time i did. It has been 4 days now, and i still have some cramping. I just wonder if it is normal to still feel this way. By the way, i am new here. The last Forum i went to. No one would answer my questions. So i am hopeing it will be differant here. Thanks.
Hi, I get to test on the 10th and my cramping from my IUI finally stopped. So we are looking at a good week of cramping, I called my RE and he said it was normal, it could be too many different things for him to solidify exactly what it is. He just told me to relax and try to lay low for the rest of my 2ww.

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