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mommy4raegan - yes, as cubed says, injectibles can be used for those who are ovulating. we decided not to do it because our insurance doesn't cover much and we felt like we might be "nickle & diming" ourselves if we had to do another 3 cycles or so of IUIs. So we just laid our money on the table and went for the 'big guns'. Also, after talking with the RE, DH & I came to the decision that there was no reason to think that [I]in our case[/I] doing injectibles with IUI would increase our chances much over clomid with IUI (since the main problem was mild male factor, which wouldn't really be addressed by IUI using injectibles over clomid). IVF, on the other hand, would be a huge jump in the success rate. Depends on the individual couple and the issues they are facing.

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