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I've taken provera twice. The 1st time my period did not come, so dr put me directly onto clomid. After taking 50mg of clomid, I didnt ovulate but did have a period. So, took 100mg, thought I ovulated (my RE tells me I couldnt have) b/c I didnt get a period. So, now I am back on provera. My new RE thinks I will definitely have a period, but I'm just thinking I wont. So whats next? He already told me clomid probably wont work for me. Am I going to have to do hormone replacement therapy? Any thoughts would be so helpful. Thank you...
Have you had all the diagnostic testing? HSG? PT?

This freaks me out, b/c I'm getting ready to go on Provera/Clomid myself...
I am also on Clomid again (I'm on my 3rd round). My son was conceived after one round of Clomid - & before I took Clomid I had to take Provera to make my period come. So good luck!! It'll happen:)
I have what I call Random periods. Since March I have had one natural period and before march my last period was 2 years before (I know, I know Yes it was really 2 years.). There have been some cycles on the provera that I won't start until a week after I have taken all my Provera and I still O that month. So there is still hope for Ya! ! :D

Leslie Mc- I have random periods, too. Have you ever been told by a doctor what this is called, or why it happens?

No doctor has ever seemed alarmed when I have told them that I seldom have periods...

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