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Beta update
Nov 24, 2006
Hi all! Thought I'd start a new thread b/c the other one was getting long! Anyway, just an update on my beta numbers:

1st beta (11/21)= 100.8
2nd beta (today)= 460.6

Yahoo! My numbers more than doubled as they hoped. I can't tell you all how relieved I was because I had some very light spotting last night. This is after an 8 hour road trip on Thanksgiving day (round trip) in a really bumpy truck, so I was really blaming myself last night for even going. But my numbers look good, and no more spotting, so I'm just so relieved! I go for an ultrasound to see the sack next Tuesday the 28th.

Redonion--I saw your beta numbers, congratulations!! Those numbers are great! Do you have an U/s scheduled yet?

Athena--When is your next beta? Can't wait to hear your update.

I can't wait to see all the BFP's yet this month and next month, just in time for the holidays!
Re: Beta update
Dec 1, 2006
Hi Pennie!! So nice to hear an update on how you're doing. I'm so happy you heard the heartbeat, that must be so, so exciting! How's the spotting? I had a little spotting one night after a long car ride (8 hours in a very bumpy car--probably shouldn't have done that). The spotting made me so freaked out and my DH too. Luckily it all turned out ok. The nurses tried to tell me it was vaginal irritation, but I know that's not what it was. What have you been told? Glad to hear all is well though. I've heard many women spot during pregnancy, but it's so scary when it's YOU. But it's probably old hat for you now huh? :)

Athena--Wow, u/s same day, that will be cool. This is really neat that you, myself and Redonion all had IUI's the same day and we all had BFP's! Nov. 8th must have been our lucky/blessed day.
Re: Beta update
Dec 4, 2006
Red--Ugh, I'm really feeling for you right now. I have never had a m/c, but I felt the terror of it one night when I spotted after a too long and bumpy car trip. The next day all was ok on the beta. You know what's weird...I had a little spotting last pm, and today I'm a little crampy. No more spotting, but it feels a little different. Maybe we are just growing and that is all? I really pray that your spotting stops and that you see a beautiful little one tomorrow on the u/s, safe and sound. I still think a positive attitude is best since your baby may be just fine. But I can't tell you the best attitude for you now. I really hope and pray (and believe) everything will be okay. :angel: Let us know how it goes.

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