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:[B]confused: Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone's thanksgiving was better than mine. My second IUI has failed and I started a new cycle on Friday night. We had all this family in town staying at our house so I had to keep it together :dizzy: .

Anyway I had a question....i saw my RE today and they did the usual blood work and u/s. I am on day 3/4 of my cycle and they think I have 2 follicles at 12 and one at 9. Last IUI did partial injectibles (ganerlex and Gonal F) and partial Femara then HCG injection on day 10. RE wants to stop Femara and do only injectibles starting today (depending on blood work confirmation of follicle growth). He thinks we should continue IUI for a few more cycles before we do a laparoscopy as that procedure is more invasive than an IUI. My concern is that I did have an procedure (forgot the name) that the put blue ink up my uterus to see if my tubes were blocked and that test was inconclusive. RE said that this is common and has more to do with the anatomy of my body than anything else. But I still do not know if my fallopian tubes are blocked. Has anyone had their RE do an IUI before having a laparoscopy to confirm their tubes are clear?? Sorry for the long e-mail just trying to understand what is the best way to go from here?? I don't know if an IUI can work if I have a tube blocked. Thanks

Kathy (deluka)[/B]

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