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No need to apologize, I can be long winded myself ;) . I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but I just wanted to clarify the miscarriage situation. I didn't exactly have a miscarriage, I had a tubal pregnancy. The difference is, the pregnancy didn't terminate itself, I had to have surgery to have it terminated because it wouldn't have carried to term and could have killed me. It was still a huge loss, much the same as a miscarriage, and it was very difficult to deal with. Thank you for your kind words. This board has also been a blessing to me. I don't know what I would do with nobody to talk to.

Anyway, to answer your questions I have no idea what cycle day I'm on :dizzy: . My last period was 10/16, and my lap (to unblock my tube) was 11/8. I haven't gotten my period since then, just a few days of spotting that started on the 15th. My f/u appt with my RE is tomorrow, so hopefully he can shed some light on this for me. Unblocking my tube was the first step for us. My RE thinks IVF would be our best bet, but it's not covered by my insurance and therefore not an option for us financially. We are going to try naturally and hope that my newly opened tube will make things happen for us...that is, if my period ever gets here :rolleyes: . Funny how after all these years of wishing AF wouldn't show, I now can't wait to see her. Well, that's my story in a nutshell...I hope to add a BFP to the ending real soon. :p

It sounds like your cycle is progressing nicely. I hope the injections do their job and your eggs develop a little slower so your lining has time to catch up. If you're on CD 4, does that mean you will be finishing your 2ww around Christmas time?? How exciting!! I hope you get a BFP!! BABY DUST :angel:


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