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Estrogen levels usually correspond with the maturity of your follicles. My RE says estrogen should be between 150-300 for each mature follicle. So, you still got time. I looked back through my previous levels and I was anywhere from 131 to 463 on the same day you're at. My last cycle, it was 195 on the same day (after 4 days injections)...and that's the cycle I got BFP. So I think you're ok! :) Good luck.
i also had low estrogen levels and my follicles were a little bigger, i think 16 and 2 15's. i was worried too, because the nurse told me it should be as heyknack said, about 150 per mature follicle. My estrogen never really got beyond 350 i think. BUT, she did try to ease my concerns by telling me that while taking Antagon (ganirelix)- which is an injection to prevent premature ovulation, it lowers your estrogen levels. So she said that my estrogen numbers really aren't a good indicator since i had taken 3 nights of the antagon injection.
if it makes you feel any better, this was the cycle i got a BFP. i was sure it was going to be a bust, but... So, i think as long as the follicles are growing, you're okay. When I get the callback for my numbers, i'm always persistent in asking, "are those okay? are they where they should be?" Somemtimes I just get the answer that they're "fine" and i hate that because i'd rather hear that they're "good" or "great". express your concerns with the nurse or your RE next time you get an update. maybe they'll give you some peace of mind. keep us posted!:)

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