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Re: Morphology 0%
Dec 7, 2006
Thank you all !!!
Yvonnetelles, do you know where and who is peforming the sperm tissue samples? can we just go to any infertility clinic and ask for this test? or should we check with our doc first hoping that he can guide us where to go in our area? btw, he never even mentioned anything about the sperm tissue sample ...the only thing he said is that, when he would be performing ICSI, the embriologyst would look for my husband's good single sperm, and that the embriologyst would definatelly find more than one good sperm-that's what our doc said... ???(what again is not clear to me...when my DH morphology is me 0 means 0) it totally makes sense....before we decide to pay big $$$$...we should do that tissue test...
please le me know where to go to have it done,
Thank you,
Re: Morphology 0%
Dec 9, 2006
monika i read your story but dont give up husband had same problem he had surgery and evreything his sperm ct was very low evreything we did ivf with icsi and first try got pregnant with twins but lost one have beautiful baby boy.hes well worth it and were doing it again next month with left over i said dont give up?if you need some info or someone to talk to im here.diane
Re: Morphology 0%
Dec 10, 2006
Thank you for you good words!
did you Guys do this sperm tissue test before trying ivf with icsi? did you do chromosome checkup of the embrio? ...I've been reading all these stories everywhere...babies born with abnormalities...
how long is the whole process from the hormones injections till the actual egg retrieval?

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