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Re: Frozen transfer
Dec 28, 2006
Hi, I am new to here. I went through Invitro in 2002 I was 24 at the time,they retrieved 12 eggs and 6 of them fertilized normally. They transferred 2 embryo on day 5 at blastocyst stage. And we froze the remaining 4 embryos for later use.I took the progesterone shots from the evening after transfer until 10 weeks of pregnancy.Both embryos emplanted successfully. And I delivered two baby boys. I did have some bleeding and cramping like a period around 6 weeks of pregnancy.I thought I was miscarrying.But I was told it could of been implantation bleeding or I learned later that I had placenta privia,where one of the babies placentas was covering my cervix.Which might have become agitated and caused bleeding.I was put on bed rest around five months until birth,I had the twins ten weeks early.It was very scary one weighed 2 lbs 6 oz. and the other weighed 3 lbs. They had no long term health problems thank God.They are now 4 years old and you could never tell that they were severely premature. Now the reason I came to this board is because I read that a lady had a frozen embryo transfer.I have started my steps to work up to the transfer. I will start taking birth control in a few days and then I have an appointment with my Fertility Doctor on the 9th to get my Frozen embryo transfer Calendar and discuss my meds and have my trial transfer and ultrasound with contrast.I am really excited.I am curious to know how old the lady is that had the successful frozen embryo trans.Because I know that age has a little factor on the success of the procedure. Also I was curious on how many embryos you had and how many they thawed and if there was any embryos that didnt survive.I know that is the leading factor on the day of transfer if there is any viable embryos to transfer.I would also like to know how many embryos they transfer.I am only going to transfer one at a time.I dont want to have two at a time again.I only want one more child.My doctor thought that it would be ok to try one at a time since i was 24 when the eggs were harvested and im still only 28 a good age range for the procedure.Anyways can you enlighten me on any information.Thanks im sorry this is so long...Good luck to everyone and their procedures:angel:

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